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Government decided on the themes for strategic research in 2020

statsrådets kommunikationsavdelning
Publication date 10.10.2019 14.20
Press release 517/2019

In its plenary session on Thursday 10 October, the Government decided on the thematic areas and priorities for strategic research in 2020. The thematic areas are: Dealing with Climate Change - the Human Perspective and Information Literacy and Evidence Informed Decision-Making. The Government also adopted Inclusive Co-Creation as the cross-cutting priority of the 2020 themes.

The Government has decided on the key thematic areas and priorities for strategic research, based on a proposal of the Strategic Research Council. The total budget authority for studies to be conducted by means of this research funding instrument is EUR 55.6 million. The Strategic Research Council will announce later on when the funding calls will be launched.

Strategic research means long-term and problem-oriented research of high scientific quality that contributes to social policy-making and development of society’s activities and aims at finding solutions to the major challenges and problems facing Finnish society.

Matters decided by the Strategic Research Council include the research programmes, organisation of funding calls and selection of research projects, and it is also responsible for monitoring and impact assessments. The projects to be funded are selected based on a review of their societal relevance, impact and scientific quality.

Inquiries: Timo Lankinen, Permanent State Under-Secretary, tel. +358 295 160 300 and Joonas Rahkola, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister, tel. +358 295 16001, Prime Minister’s Office