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EU Digital COVID Certificates will be issued until 30 June 2023

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 23.6.2022 13.18
Press release

The EU has extended the regulation on the EU Digital COVID Certificate by one year until 30 June 2023. The regulation will ensure free movement in the EU even if the COVID-19 situation deteriorates in the future. All travellers should still check beforehand whether their country of destination requires the certificate upon arrival or for using services.

The EU Digital COVID Certificate was first introduced in June 2021. It was originally in force until 30 June 2022. Although the regulation is now extended by one year, the need for the certificate will be reassessed in six months’ time. The EU wants to repeal the certificate as soon as the health situation allows it.

Countries may have different practices and rules for COVID-19 certificates that people need to follow when crossing borders. The Re-open EU website compiles information on travel instructions and restrictions in place in the EU Member States. Each Member State defines in its own legislation how COVID-19 certificates are used nationally.

In Finland, people can still get the EU Digital COVID Certificate from My Kanta Pages or from their local healthcare services. Anyone can get the certificate even if Finland no longer requires it on its borders.

More information

Inquiries from the public about COVID-19 certificates in the My Kanta Pages

General advice:

  • My Kanta Pages customer service: [email protected]
  • Note: The customer service for the My Kanta Pages cannot check or correct people’s personal health data. In such cases, please contact the healthcare unit that treated you.

Errors or shortcomings in COVID-19 certificates:

  • Healthcare services: the organisation that administered the vaccine or conducted the COVID-19 test

Certificate requirements of foreign countries and the certificate practices of ship operators and airlines:

  • the COVID-19 websites of the destination country or the website and customer service channels of the ship operator or airline
  • Re-open EU 

Inquiries by the media

Outi Äyräs-Blumberg, Senior Specialist, [email protected], Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

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