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EU health ministers meet to discuss European Medicines Agency fees and global health

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 14.3.2023 9.45 | Published in English on 14.3.2023 at 12.48
Press release

The Member States’ ministers of health will meet on 14 March to discuss the Union’s new global health strategy and amendments to the regulation on fees payable to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), among other things. 

The ministers will discuss a proposed regulation on fees and charges paid to the EMA. In the EU, fees are charged from marketing authorisation holders and applicants. The EMA pays compensation to national medicine authorities for the services they provide to the EMA. The fees are central to the funding of the European regulatory system for medicines at the EU and national levels.  

The European Commission has submitted a proposal for updating the regulation on fees payable to the EMA. Among other things, increased flexibility is sought for the regulation to prepare for future cost and structural changes. Finland considers it important to take measures that improve the availability, accessibility, and affordability of medication.

EU looks to play bigger role in global health

The EPSCO Council (Health) will also discuss the Union’s new global health strategy. The Commission published an information report on the strategy late last year. The principal message of the strategy is that the EU will play its part and strengthen its leadership in promoting the health and welfare of people globally. The strategy is based on the Union’s shared values, including solidarity, the rule of law, and respecting human rights. 

Finland supports the strengthening of the EU’s role in global health. Finland has actively promoted the matter, including with an initiative made during its 2019 Presidency. The strategy’s focus areas largely align with Finland’s views.

At the 14 March 2023 meeting of the EPSCO Council (Health), Finland will be represented by State Secretary Eila Mäkipää. 

The meeting of the ministers of health is part of the EPSCO Council, which includes the ministers of employment, social affairs, and health from all EU Member States.

Further information:

Eila Mäkipää, State Secretary, +358 295 163 632
Pasi Korhonen, Director of International Affairs, +358 295 163 175

Email addresses are in the format [email protected]



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