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How is the promotion of wellbeing and health reflected in the new Government Programme?

3.6.2015 12.57
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The new Government Programme was published on Wednesday 27 May. A video interview by Head of the Health Promotion Group Taru Koivisto from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health on how the promotion of health and wellbeing is reflected in the new Government Programme.

Text version of the interview:

Taru Koivisto, Head of the Welfare and Health Promotion Group, how is the promotion of wellbeing and health reflected in the new Government Programme?

“The promotion of wellbeing and health is one of the Government Programme's strategic priorities. It constitutes an independent whole with its own objectives. On the other hand, it also makes part of the other strategic objectives – i.e. how other measures can affect health and wellbeing, too.”

“The aim is that during the government term, the role of intersectoral health promotion and early support will be strengthened in decision-making, services and working life due to legislative changes and improved delivery. Differences in health and wellbeing will also have narrowed. In this respect, the Government Programme's objectives are very ambitious, but also very welcome. ”

“In practice it means that, according to the Government Programme, the focus in social and health care services and in the related structural reform will be placed on preventive services and ways of promoting wellbeing and health. On the other hand, broad-based measures to promote wellbeing and health have been included as a whole of their own and are to be achieved intersectorally with other actors. There the emphasis is on ways of supporting healthy lifestyles with the means of, for example, physical exercise and nourishment. ”

“The Government Programme consists of key projects with which to address these issues in a concrete manner. This includes service packages and intersectoral implementation of objectives.  One of the key projects is to address child and family services with particular emphasis on preventive action and early support.”

“As regards the other strategic objectives, strong preference is given to issues concerning, for example, the school environment, including measures to increase physical activity and reduce bullying – important factors that contribute to young people's wellbeing. A new point of view is the attention given to culture and arts as a means of promoting wellbeing.”

“Sin taxes represent the traditional, hard ways of impacting. Taxes on tobacco, alcohol and sugar are effective tools with which to address unhealthy lifestyles and improve them.”

“The Government Programme as a whole includes a number of other measures which will surely have indirect impact on people's wellbeing and health, too. What kinds of effects there might be – that remains to be seen.”

Interview: Riikka Liikanen

Video: Kimmo Vainikainen

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