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You are welcome to participate in the competition: design a new wellbeing application – Funding of EUR 500,000 reserved

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 5.12.2017 15.00
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The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has launched a design competition for application developers. The objective of the competition is to find new kinds of health and wellbeing applications that could be connected to the My Kanta pages Personal Health Record (Kanta PRH).

Purpose of the competition

The aim is to utilise applications to improve people’s health and social services and promote wellbeing. The applications must make use of Kanta PHR, a database where citizens’ health and wellbeing information are stored. Kanta PRH is part of Kanta services.

The competition also seeks to find a solution to how Kanta PHR device interfaces can be implemented and how the ecosystems and devices of commercial operators (Fitbit, Apple Healthkit, Google Fit, Nokia/Withings etc.) could be integrated with Kanta PHR.

Application developers can participate in the competition even by utilising an existing application if the application is using Kanta PRH.

The competition seeks a solution in three different categories:

A. The best application promoting citizens’ individual initiative, wellbeing and self-care (self-care does not include contact with a healthcare and social welfare actor)
B. The best application promoting citizens’ self-treatment (self-treatment includes contact with a healthcare and social welfare actor)
C. Integration of wellbeing devices and ecosystems with Kanta PHR – the objective being to facilitate automatic transfer of wellbeing measurements as part of Kanta PHR data content

Competition schedule

  • applications to the competition must be submitted by 18 December 2017
  • final competition proposals must be submitted by 17 January 2018
  • the schedule is described in more detail in the competition invitation (in Finnish)


  • Each application developer who has submitted a completed proposal will receive EUR 3,000.
  • The winners of the three categories will each receive EUR 10,000.
  • After that, a direct-award contract worth EUR 100,000 will be concluded with these three winners.   An option of EUR 200,000 to further develop the idea will also be open.  

Please visit the webpage presenting the competition: App Design competition for the Finnish national PHR (in Finnish)

What is Kanta PHR?

Kanta Personal Health Record (Omatietovaranto) on My Kanta pages is a national data resource where citizens may, for example, enter their health and wellbeing information and share it with the healthcare actor treating them. Health and wellbeing information refers to citizens’ measurement, lifestyle and activity data, for example number of daily steps, blood sugar level, blood pressure, weight and CPAP device usage values.

Application developers can now integrate their applications with the Kanta PHR test environment. An application may, for example, enable the saving of information directly from a measuring device. Integrated applications must fulfil, among other things, security requirements. Kanta PHR uses the HL7 FHIR standard, which provides a new, international means of developing healthcare and social welfare data content, also for small application developers.

Integration with Kanta PHR is free for application developers. Applications integrated with Kanta PHR will also receive visibility via the Kanta PHR services. The My Kanta pages are visited 1.3 million times per month. The Kanta brand is respected and well known.

Further information

Anna Kärkkäinen, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, tel. +358 2951 63702, [email protected]

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