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Candidature of Finland to the Executive Board of UNESCO for 2017-2021; Towards 2030 through actions

Ministry of Education and Culture 7.9.2016 9.08
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Finland is a candidate to the UNESCO Executive Board for the term 2017-2021. The Finnish candidature is supported by all other Nordic countries – Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Finland has been an active member of UNESCO since 1956, steadily contributing to the organization throughout the years both financially and in terms of expertise.

As a member of the Executive Board Finland will work for:

• an effective and active UNESCO based on
- policy coherence
- efficient governance
- functional inter-sectoral linkages
- strong partnerships
• the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
• gender equality in all walks of life
• an inclusive and equitable high-quality education
• an integrated approach to sustainability in sciences
• safeguarding tangible and intangible heritage
• freedom of information and pluralistic media
• unique added value of UNESCO’s work.

If elected to the Executive Board of UNESCO, Finland will be a reliable, capable and active Member of the organization.

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