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Government proposes extended use of technology by Border Guard

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 18.4.2024 14.10
Press release

The Government proposes that the Border Guard be allowed to use more modern technology in its key statutory duties, such as border control and the maintenance of border security and order along the border. The government proposal for amending the Border Guard Act and certain related acts was submitted to Parliament on 18 April.

It is proposed that the purpose and area of use of the technical surveillance carried out by the Border Guard be expanded in the Border Guard Act and that new regulation on powers for conducting surveillance based on radio technology be added to the Act. Surveillance based on radio technology means the right to detect, locate, recognise, identify and monitor radio-frequency electromagnetic waves and radio equipment by means of the properties of electromagnetic waves.

The Border Guard could carry out technical surveillance and surveillance based on radio technology in the vicinity of the national border, in the maritime area, on the coast, in airspace, at a border crossing point and in its immediate vicinity, and in areas under the control of the Border Guard and in their immediate vicinity. The legislative project is related to a project to reform the technical surveillance of external borders carried out by the Border Guard and the procurement of new offshore patrol vessels and surveillance aircraft.

The proposed amendments would improve the Border Guard's ability to anticipate and react to the security situation, which has changed permanently. The amendments would also increase the efficient use of human resources.

Building and introducing new surveillance capabilities would give rise to additional costs for the Border Guard. The need for additional appropriations to cover these costs will be assessed in connection with the second supplementary budget proposal for 2024.

The proposed acts are scheduled to enter into force on 1 July 2024.

Anne Ihanus, Senior Adviser for Legislative Affairs, tel. +358 295 421 608, [email protected]

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