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Minister of the Interior Rantanen and Norwegian Minister of Justice and Public Security Enger Mehl meet in Finland

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 24.6.2024 14.50
Press release

Minister of the Interior Mari Rantanen and Norwegian Minister of Justice and Public Security Emilie Enger Mehl met in Finland on Monday 24 June. Together, the ministers paid a visit to the Southeast Finland Border Guard District at Finland’s eastern border and received a briefing on the progress of the border fence and other projects. 

The ministers’ programme for the day continued with bilateral discussions on a variety of topical issues, including instrumentalised migration and border security. The government proposal for a new border security act is currently being discussed by Finland’s Parliament. The act would lay down provisions on powers to restrict the reception of applications for international protection.

“Our goal is to ensure that Finland has effective means to tackle situations where instrumentalised migration is used to put pressure on Finland. Instrumentalised migration is a common challenge of all countries on the EU’s external border. Finland and Norway both want to see solutions at the EU level to combat this phenomenon,” Minister Rantanen said.

Finland, together with Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, published a letter to the European Commission on 7 June calling for action to give Member States more effective tools to combat the instrumentalisation of migration.

On the topic of migration, the ministers also discussed cooperation with third countries, for example with respect to returns.

“Norway engages in comprehensive cooperation on returns with key third countries, and Finland wants to learn from Norway’s experiences. Nordic cooperation on return issues is very important and should be deepened further,” said Minister Rantanen.

Major General Matti Sarasmaa, Chief of the Border and Coast Guard Division, Border Guard, tel. +358 295 421 101, [email protected]