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Nordic cooperation in civil preparedness is now more important than ever before

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 2.12.2022 13.57
Press release

On 2 December 2022, ministers responsible for civil preparedness or their deputies from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland met in Reykjavik in the framework of so-called Haga cooperation. State Secretary Akseli Koskela from the Ministry of the Interior represented Finland at the meeting.

“Nordic cooperation in civil preparedness is now more important than ever before. The resilience of societies is essential in responding to the challenges of the changing security environment. It is also an important incentive for continuous cooperation,” says State Secretary Koskela.

Haga cooperation is political cooperation between Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland aimed at promoting Nordic cooperation on civil preparedness. It was launched at a ministerial meeting held at Haga Palace (Haga slott) in Sweden in 2009.

During Iceland’s chairmanship, the participants have advanced Haga cooperation's important and concrete priorities for the 2022–2024 term. The focus has also been on close cooperation with operational actors and on the efforts to strengthen dialogue and collaboration with the Nordic Defence Cooperation NORDEFCO concerning civil-military cooperation.

Nordic countries share good practices on crisis management

Concerning civil preparedness in society, Haga cooperation focuses on implementing the lessons learned from the management of the COVD-19 pandemic and other crises. Based on the discussions held during Iceland’s chairmanship, internal coordination within the administration, both horizontally and vertically, is a key concern for all Nordic countries.

Other priorities of Haga cooperation include issues related to climate change and Host Nation Support, i.e. the reception and provision of international assistance. Next year, Iceland will organise a tabletop exercise related to Nordic Host Nation Support.

The meeting participants will continue to strengthen and develop Nordic cooperation on civil preparedness during the Swedish chairmanship in 2023.

Akseli Koskela, State Secretary, tel. +358 50 418 2274, [email protected]
Wivi-Ann Wagello-Sjölund, Ministerial Adviser, tel. +358 50 456 3698, [email protected]