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Over 90 per cent of asylum seekers arriving via Russia refused

Ministry of the Interior 15.1.2016 14.59
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This is a translation of the web news in Finnish published January 15th

The majority of asylum seekers who arrived in Finland via Russia in late 2015 were issued with a negative decision - over 90 per cent of them were refused asylum. Of the 105 asylum seekers who crossed the eastern border of Finland, 82 were refused asylum because of a clearly unfounded application and 13 were rejected because they did not meet the grounds for international protection.

Those who were refused asylum included citizens of Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Guinea, India, Iraq, Lebanon, Mali, Morocco and Nepal.

Poverty not a ground for asylum

Applications are always processed individually. International protection may be granted to those who have a well-founded fear of persecution or who cannot return to their home country because of, for example, an armed conflict. Poverty or financial difficulties are not reasons for asylum.

Asylum seekers should always lodge an application for asylum in the territory of the first safe country in which they arrive. Persons who have lived in Russia for a long time are very likely not to qualify for international protection in Finland on the basis of the situation in their country of origin.

Decisions to refuse asylum can also entail an entry ban to the entire Schengen area, which may be imposed for several years.

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