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Government adopts resolution on hydrogen – Finland could produce 10% of EU’s green hydrogen in 2030

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Publication date 9.2.2023 13.53
Press release

The Government adopted a resolution on hydrogen on 9 February 2023. In its resolution, the Government describes Finland’s objectives regarding hydrogen and the measures to promote them. Finland’s goal is to become the European leader in the hydrogen economy in the entire value chain. Finland has the capacity to produce at least ten per cent of the EU’s emissions-free hydrogen in 2030.

“Hydrogen is currently the most significant driver of industrial change, both in Finland and abroad. The confirmed objective will consolidate Finland’s position in the hydrogen economy globally and provide support to Finnish operators and investments in the hydrogen sector. We want to manufacture hydrogen and electrofuels for the needs of the Finnish industry, transport and energy system, above all. Hydrogen also supports industrial renewal and the growth of exports with high value added,” says Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä

Large-scale hydrogen production requires a significant amount of clean electricity produced competitively. The ongoing plans for new wind power capacity would exceed Finland’s current growth needs multiple times.

“Clean, reliable and affordable electricity is Finland’s strength in the hydrogen economy. Growing electricity production also means we need to construct new transmission lines, and in this regard, the fair treatment of landowners is very important,” Lintilä adds.

Finland’s competitive advantages include predictability of the operating environment, seamless permit procedures and land use planning. Launching investments requires a favourable operating environment, regulation that supports investments and financial incentives.

The promotion of the hydrogen economy also requires a sufficient amount of skilled labour. In addition, ensuring safety is an integral part of the development and use of new hydrogen technologies. 

The resolution is based on a government policy adopted in the government budget session in autumn 2021, according to which a national hydrogen strategy and a subsequent government resolution will be prepared as part of the climate and energy strategy. The resolution also supports the ongoing strategy work of the hydrogen cluster consisting of companies.

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