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Parliamentary monitoring group for climate policy appointed

Ministry of the Environment
Publication date 7.12.2023 14.58 | Published in English on 8.12.2023 at 14.20
Press release

On Thursday 7 December, the Government appointed a group composed of the parties in Parliament to monitor the implementation of the national and EU climate policy and their implementation, and to ensure the achievement of the climate neutrality target and climate justice. The group will also discuss the climate policy outlines to be needed in the future. All parties in Parliament have a representative in the monitoring group.

The monitoring group will discuss and follow the plans related to climate change mitigation and adaptation and the land use sector, their implementation and actions taken under them. The group will also discuss the messages from climate science, in particular, on the basis of reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC and work of the Finnish Climate Change Panel. The role of the group is to support the national implementation and preparation processes, not to make decisions. As the work proceeds, the group may consult experts and stakeholders as considered necessary.

The term of the parliamentary monitoring group is 1 January 2024–30 June 2027. The group is to meet four times a year. 



Kai Mykkänen, Minister of Climate and the Environment

Members and deputy members

National Coalition Party
Pauli Aalto-Setälä
Aura Salla
Deputy member Heikki Autto
Deputy member Noora Fagerström

Finns Party
Vice-chair, Antti Kangas
Minna Reijonen
Deputy member Petri Huru
Deputy member Sara Seppänen

Social Democratic Party of Finland
Pinja Perholehto
Marko Asell
Deputy member Johan Kvarnström
Deputy member Eveliina Heinäluoma

Centre Party
Vesa Kallio
Deputy member Hanna Kosonen

Oras Tynkkynen
Deputy member Sofia Virta

Left Alliance
Mai Kivelä
Deputy member Hanna Sarkkinen

Swedish People’s Party of Finland
Mikko Ollikainen
Deputy member Otto Andersson

Christian Democrats
Peter Östman
Deputy member Päivi Räsänen

Liike Nyt Movement
Harry Harkimo
Deputy member Iina Ilmarinen

Permanent experts
Chair Jyri Seppälä, Finnish Climate Change Panel
Secretary-General Laura Aho, Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of the Environment


Laura Aho
Secretary-General Laura Aho, Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of the Environment
[email protected]
tel. +358 29 525 1035

Lyydia Ylönen
Special Adviser to the Minister
[email protected]
tel. +358 50 476 1341