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Campaign gathers young people's views on sustainable development

Ministry for Foreign Affairs 28.5.2019 9.13
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The Foreign Ministry's campaign on Instagram looks at how Finland promotes the 2030 Agenda goals on a global scale and where our contributions can be #YllättävänVaikuttava – Surprisingly Effective.

Young social media influencers Roni Back, Mansikkka and Mmiisas front the campaign launched on Monday. During the European Sustainable Development Week, they will post photos and videos about Finland’s role in reaching the UN’s sustainable development goals by 2030. Roni Back, Mansikkka and Mmiisas also invite their followers to take part in the discussion.

The campaign has a special focus on two of the UN's 17 goals: climate action and reduced inequalities. These are important topics for young people in Finland, and despite our country’s size, we can also lead the way in building a sustainable future beyond our borders. A campaign-related website illustrates the impact that Finland’s development work has already had in some of the world's poorest countries. For example, Finland has supported renewable energy solutions in Africa and weather monitoring services in Asia. In addition, 1.5 million more women and girls now have access to sexual and reproductive health services. Even though Finland is a small country, we have lot of strengths to draw on.

This is a significant year for Finland and the 2030 Agenda for many reasons. In July, Finland will begin its six-month term as the President of the Council of the EU and in September the UN will organise a climate action summit. Through the campaign, young people are sending a message to decision-makers about their hopes and opinions on Finland's role in global sustainable development. Right now Finland has the opportunity to be Surprisingly Effective. ​​​​​​​

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