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Finland and NATO sign a Host Nation Support Technical Arrangement

Ministry of Defence
Publication date 24.5.2022 13.55 | Published in English on 24.5.2022 at 14.00
Press release

Finland and NATO signed a mutual Host Nation Support Technical Arrangement in Mons, Belgium, on 24 May 2022. On behalf of the Government of Finland, the document was signed by Lieutenant General Eero Pyötsiä, Chief of the Defence Command.

Minister of Defence Antti Kaikkonen has decided on the signing of the document earlier. The Technical Arrangement lays down specifications based on the Memorandum of Understanding on Host Nation Support signed between Finland and NATO on 4 September 2014.

"Building up host nation support capabilities strengthens Finland's defence. The key objective in signing the document and enhancing practical capabilities is to ensure that military assistance can be received effectively," says Minister of Defence Kaikkonen.

Finland's preparedness and ability to receive military support and the compatibility needed for it have been practised and tested over the years as part of international exercises. The Technical Arrangement will speed up the process of agreeing on host nation support between Finland and NATO when assistance is received and during exercises under normal conditions. After Finland's announcement of its willingness to accede to NATO, and with the aspired NATO membership, the enhancement of the ability to receive military support will remain a key priority.

Host nation support means separately agreed measures to be taken by a host nation to support the capabilities of forces of another state. Preparations are made to provide such support in all security situations. In normal conditions, host nation support is provided and received, for example, during all international exercises in Finland and abroad and in military crisis management.

Inquiries: Mika Varvikko, Senior Specialist, the Ministry of Defence, tel. +358 295 140 316.

Technical arrangement between the Government of the Republic of Finland and Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE)

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