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Everyone has the right to leave Finland; however, non-essential travel should be avoided

Ministry for Foreign Affairs
12.6.2020 12.30
News item

Coronavirus and its spread are still a global risk. Starting on 15 June, internal border control and quarantine recommendations will change in respect of certain countries, but it is recommended to avoid non-essential travel to other countries. The changes will apply to travel to Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Due to the pandemic, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs continues to recommend that non-essential travel should be avoided except to Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Non-essential travel means, for example, recreational travel. The country-specific travel advice issued by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs may include recommendations that are even more rigid if the country is at war or because of other reasons affecting the security situation. 

The pandemic may lead to abrupt and unpredictable changes in any country or region

If your trip abroad is essential, bear in mind that the restrictive measures imposed by different countries may change rapidly and come as a surprise: local quarantine regulations, restrictions on movement, disruption of traffic, restrictions on leaving the country, reduced availability of healthcare services, closures of services, including the availability of food services, concern everyone. Your country of destination may have imposed restrictions on entry in its territory, which is why you should always check the up-to-date entry regulations from the local authorities, for example, the nearest mission of the country in question.

There is also the risk that reserved flights and other connections may suddenly be cancelled and travel to and especially return from the country may be prevented. All travellers can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic by complying with the travel recommendations and hygiene instructions. Travellers must always follow the guidance issued by the authorities and travel operators, including instructions applying to masks covering the nose and mouth. Finland’s missions abroad update their own websites and provide information on the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on travel and tourism in their host countries.

The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs has only limited capabilities to assist Finnish citizens in difficulty abroad during the pandemic. The Foreign Ministry recommends that travellers always take out a comprehensive travel insurance. It is particularly important now to make sure that the insurance policy provides sufficient coverage in case of a pandemic.

All people returning to Finland from countries subject to internal or external border control are recommended to self-isolate for 14 days. Observe the instructions of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, also in case you show symptoms of a respiratory tract infection after your travel and if you suspect that you have contracted coronavirus.

If you decide to travel, always remember to submit a travel notification at This is to make sure that the Ministry for Foreign Affairs has information about your whereabouts in the country of destination and can contact you in case of an emergency or crisis.

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