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Mid-term policy review and spending limits session – policies of the Ministry of Transport and Communications

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 30.4.2021 14.36 | Published in English on 4.5.2021 at 11.30
Press release

On 29 April the Finnish Government decided its policy positions for the remainder of its term and the General Government Fiscal Plan for 2022-2025, resolving to increase spending limits and reallocate outlays.

The Government will propose a measure bringing forward a basic transport infrastructure budget allocation of EUR 50 million from 2022 to 2021 in a third supplementary budget proposal. In accordance with the national transport system plan, the basic transport infrastructure funding allocation will prioritise key routes for business and industry and ensure the needs of employment throughout the network.

The Government spending limits session agreed on EUR 370 million in austerity measures from 2023 onwards. These cost savings have been distributed by government department, with the Ministry of Transport and Communications taking a share of EUR 110 million. The final allocation of expenditure cuts will be decided at a spending limits session next spring. The Ministry of Transport and Communications will prepare the allocation with due regard for the developmental needs of its administrative sector. The average level of appropriations under the Ministry of Transport and Communications expenditure title is approximately EUR 3.3 billion over the 2022-2025 framework period.

"We have invested heavily in basic transport infrastructure and new transport projects during the current Government term. Timely and systematic recovery measures have helped Finland over the pandemic. The next step is to prepare for the countercyclical economic policy of the growth phase. Work will continue to enhance and develop the transport system, and I am pleased that our national transport system plan endeavours have found the common will to achieve this," says Minister Timo Harakka.

Parliament will consider a report during the spring on the national transport system plan for 2021-2032, which was prepared in parliamentary co-operation.

Data security and data protection to be improved

The Government mid-term review includes an entry on improving data security and data protection. The Government is committed to promoting better data security and data protection in critical sectors of society. Two Government resolutions will be adopted later in spring 2021 on improving data security and data protection in critical sectors of society, and on a cyber security development programme.

"It is important that the Government made a commitment at the spending limits session to promoting better data security and data protection. Secure connections and information systems are essential for operating key services in society, such as electric power and drinking water distribution, and health care services. Cyber security is a must for society in the digital age," Minister Harakka insists.

Fossil-free transport roadmap under preparation

The Government also conducted a mid-term review of its climate measures. Work on climate change has progressed on schedule, and we are now much closer to the target of carbon neutrality.

"Preparations for a roadmap to fossil-free transport are nearing completion. The Government intends to issue resolutions in the spring on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from domestic transport, marine and inland waterway transport and aviation," Minister Harakka explains.

The Government is committed to deciding the necessary additional measures to ensure that carbon neutrality is achieved by the year 2035.


Tino Aalto, Special Adviser, tel. +358 50 436 9188, cyber security

Ilkka Hamunen, Special Adviser, tel. +358 50 478 1027, transport

Johanna Juselius, Special Adviser, tel. +358 29 534 2141, climate action

Requests to interview Timo Harakka, Minister of Transport and Communications: Susanna Niinivaara, Communications Director, tel. +358 40 081 6187, [email protected]

Press release of the Government Communications Department and the Ministry of Finance, 29 April 2021: Government decides policy positions for remaining part of its term and for 2022-2025 General Government Fiscal Plan

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