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Reform of export control legislation progresses

Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Publication date 16.5.2024 14.24 | Published in English on 16.5.2024 at 14.30
Press release

On 16 May, the Finnish Government submitted a proposal to Parliament concerning the reform of the legislation governing export control of dual-use items. The Government proposes to enact a new act on export control of dual-use items and to repeal the existing act.

The proposal is about complementary national legislation to support the application of the EU Export Control Regulation. Reforming the national legislation would harmonise Finnish regulations with the Export Control Regulation and ensure efficient enforcement of export control in Finland. The Government also proposes to amend chapter 46 of the Criminal Code concerning regulation offences and failure to file an export control notification of dual-use items.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has prepared the draft government proposal as part of its official duties. It has consulted stakeholders for example by organising two discussion events for all interested parties. The acts are scheduled to enter into force in autumn 2024.


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