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Foreign Minister Soini meets his counterparts from Germany, Sweden and Denmark in Berlin

Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Publication date 4.11.2016 15.23 | Published in English on 4.11.2016 at 17.20
Press release

Press release 208/2017
4 November 2016

Minister for Foreign Affairs Timo Soini will meet the German, Swedish and Danish Foreign Ministers in Berlin on 8 November.

The Foreign Ministers will discuss cooperation and security in the Baltic Sea region, topical international questions and the future of the EU.

The previous meeting of the Ministers was held in Copenhagen in December 2014.

Inquiries: Raili Lahnalampi, Chief of Cabinet, Office of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, tel. +358 50 550 7546, and Anssi Leino, Counsellor, Unit for Central, Western and Southern Europe, tel. +358 295 350 628.

The Foreign Ministry’s email addresses are of the format [email protected]

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