An unfounded entry of data in the police Suspect Data System

Ministry of the Interior 10.4.2013 18.36
News item

Statement by The National Police Board

Today, the National Police Board was notified that information on President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin had been recorded into the police Suspect Data System.

The National Police Board took immediate action to investigate the issue in cooperation with the National Bureau of Investigation.

According to the National Police Board's findings, the entered data is incorrect and has no legal bases.

The supreme police command requested the National Bureau of Investigation to delete the data that had been recorded in the system on erroneous bases. This was done immediately.

There will a separate inquiry to establish whether errors have been made in the recording process. The need for any further measures will be assessed in the same context.

National Police Commissioner Mikko Paatero emphasises that information registered in the public authorities' data systems must be correct and data entries based on legal grounds.

- These kinds of incidents are extremely exceptional and not acceptable in any circumstances. The Finnish police administration has paid particular attention to proper handling of personal data.

National Police Commissioner Mikko Paatero expressed his sincere apologies for the incident.

The Suspect Data System is a permanent, computerised personal data file intended for nationwide use by the police. The Suspect Data System may contain criminal intelligence, surveillance and observation data, obtained for the performance of duties laid down in the Police Act. The data relates to persons who are, with reason, suspected of being guilty of or having been guilty of an offence subject toimprisonment; or contributing to or having contributed to an offence subject to imprisonment of more than six months, or to an unlawful use of narcotics.