State funerals

State funerals are currently organised, or paid for from state funds, for deceased presidents only. In exceptional cases, the Government may decide to organise or finance a state funeral for a very long-term Prime Minister, Speaker of Parliament or a person of special national prominence, such as the winner of a Nobel Prize.

The Prime Minister's Office presents proposals for the arrangement of state funerals to the Government. The current procedure has been valid since the end of 1989.

Since 1990, state funerals have been held for the following persons:

  • 1990 former Prime Minister, Dr.Pol.Sc. Ahti Karjalainen
  • 1992 author, academic Väinö Linna
  • 1995 Jaeger General Väinö Valve
  • 2000 former Prime Minister and Minister, former Speaker of Parliament Johannes Virolainen
  • 2004 former Prime Minister, former Speaker of Parliament Kalevi Sorsa
  • 2004 General of the Infantry Adolf Ehrnrooth
  • 2011 valtioneuvos, former Prime Minister Harri Holkeri
  • 2017 former Prime Minister, President Mauno Koivisto
  • 2023 President Martti Ahtisaari