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Foresight networks

National Foresight Network

The National Foresight Network brings together Finnish foresight data producers. The network is coordinated by the Prime Minister’s Office and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. It functions as a discussion and coordination forum for foresight operators and organises various events.

Join in the network’s activities

Foresight events are open meetings organised by the National Foresight Network on a regular basis. Events include presentations, training sessions and networking opportunities related to foresight. They are open to anyone interested in foresight and futures research. 

Government Foresight Group 

The Government Foresight Group is an expert group that supports the Government’s work on the future and the activities of the National Foresight Network.  The objective of the group is to develop and strengthen the links between foresight activities and decision-making processes.

Its members are experts in foresight and futures work and represent both producers and users of foresight data. The group serves as an advisory body in the preparation of the Government Report on the Future and the ministries’ futures reviews and supports the development of foresight work at the national level.

Contact information

Jaana Tapanainen-Thiess, Chief Specialist 
Prime Minister's Office, Government Strategy Department, Policy Planning Unit Telephone:0295160593   Email Address: