Governments and ministers since 1917

On this page, you can browse information about the governments of Finland by name, term, number of days in office or Prime Minister’s political party and see whether the government was a majority, minority or caretaker government. Ministers can be organised by name, political party and total number of days as minister. Information is available for all governments of Finland since it gained independence.


14.12.1932 - 7.10.1936

  • Prime Minister

  • Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs

  • Minister for Foreign Affairs

  • Minister of Justice

  • Minister of the Interior

  • Minister of Defence

  • Minister of Finance

  • Deputy Minister of Finance

  • Minister of Education

  • Minister of Agriculture

  • Deputy Minister of Agriculture

  • Minister of Transport and Public Works

  • Deputy Minister of Transport and Public Works

  • Minister of Trade and Industry

  • Minister of Social Affairs


Days in Office 1394

Government no. 20

Party distribution on appointment date

  • Ammatti/virkamies 4
  • National Progressive Party 3
  • Maalaisliitto 2
  • Swedish People's Party of Finland 2


Previous Government

Sunila II 21.3.1931 - 14.12.1932

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