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Formation of a new Government in 2015

The Government Communications Department posted news on the government formation talks and the new Government on the Government website in April and May 2015. The news, photos and materials are available on the Government formation talks 2015 website.

Handbook for Ministers updated

The Handbook for Ministers contains information on the activities of the government, ministers' participation in the work of Parliament, key tools of policy steering and decision-making, and the regulations and principles governing the operations of the government.

Handbook for Ministers (in Finnish only)

New strategic decision-making model proposed to the Government

In January 2015, OHRA – the project to reform the Government’s steering framework – put forward a number of proposals for the following parliamentary term aimed at improving the impact and effectiveness of Government actions.

Finnish Government

Finnish Government

The term ‘Government’ refers to the Government of Finland which consists of a prime minister and a required number of ministers. It also denotes a decision-making body consisting of the government plenary session and the ministries.

About the Government

Government in office

Government in office

On 29 May 2015, the President of the Republic appointed Finland's 74th Government, that of Prime Minister Juha Sipilä. The Government has 14 ministers.

Prime Minister Sipilä's Government

Finnish Governments

Finnish Governments

It is possible to search information on the Finnish Governments, their compositions and Government Programmes throughout Finland’s independence – as of 1917. Information is also available on the Governments' terms of office, on the types of Government and on the political parties within the Government.

Governments and ministers since 1917