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International programme on sustainable building launched under the leadership of Finland
Ministry of the Environment Press release 20.4.2015 14.00
Prime Minister Stubb's statement on the boat disaster in the Mediterranean
Prime Minister's Office Press release 20.4.2015 13.46
Prime Minister Stubb and the Government in week 17
Prime Minister's Office Press release 20.4.2015 11.00
Finland supports victims of the conflicts in Yemen and Libya
Ministry for Foreign Affairs Press release 17.4.2015 16.13
Finland godkände konventionen om förebyggande och bekämpning av våld mot kvinnor
Ministry for Foreign Affairs Press release 17.4.2015 14.33
Result information on the Elections website at
Ministry of Justice Press release 17.4.2015 13.22
Foreign Minister Tuomioja to the Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Luxembourg
Ministry for Foreign Affairs Press release 17.4.2015 12.03
Finns want more effective measures for mitigating climate change
Ministry of the Environment Press release 16.4.2015 8.59

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Parliamentary Elections on 19 April 2015

In Finland, the election day is Sunday 19 April 2015, and the advance voting between 8 and 14 April 2015 and abroad between 8 and 11 April 2015. In the elections, 200 Members of Parliament are elected for a four-year term. More information is available on the Elections website of the Ministry of Justice at

New strategic decision-making model proposed to the Government

In January 2015, OHRA – the project to reform the Government’s steering framework – put forward a number of proposals for the following parliamentary term aimed at improving the impact and effectiveness of Government actions.

Government’s research activities

The Government annually adopts a plan for analysis, assessment and research in support of its decision making to steer studies and research towards specific priority areas selected by the Government.

Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities

Finnish Government

Finnish Government

The term ‘Government’ refers to the Government of Finland which consists of a prime minister and a required number of ministers. It also denotes a decision-making body consisting of the government plenary session and the ministries.

About the Government

Government in office

Government in office

On 24 June 2014, the President of the Republic appointed Finland's 73rd Government, that of Prime Minister Alexander Stubb. The Government has 17 ministers.

Prime Minister Stubb's Government

Finnish Governments

Finnish Governments

It is possible to search information on the Finnish Governments, their compositions and Government Programmes throughout Finland’s independence – as of 1917. Information is also available on the Governments' terms of office, on the types of Government and on the political parties within the Government.

Governments and ministers since 1917