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Orpo’s Government: Decisions aim to prevent public finances from spinning out of control

16.4.2024 16.50

Prime Minister Petteri Orpo’s Government has agreed on the General Government Fiscal Plan for 2025–2028. The Government has made decisions that will improve the sustainability of public finances and create conditions for reversing the trend in indebtedness.

The Goverment held a press conference on the outcome of the budget talks on 16 April. Prime Minister Petteri Orpo, Minister of Finance Riikka Purra, Minister of Education Anna-Maja Henriksson and Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Sari Essayah were present at the final briefing.

Press conference | Government video service

Current issues

New website coming soon

18.4.2024 8.36
The new website will launch on Wednesday 24 April. The redesigned website will offer a more harmonised user experience and visual image and will be easier to use, especially on mobile devices. In connection with the launch of the new site, the separate Prime Minister’s Office website will close.

EU Foreign Affairs Council to discuss Russian aggression against Ukraine, situation in the Middle East, and Sudan

19.4.2024 13.25
EU foreign ministers will convene in Luxembourg on 22 April. Minister for Foreign Affairs Elina Valtonen will represent Finland at the meeting.

Prime Minister Orpo and European Commission President von der Leyen visit Finland’s eastern border

19.4.2024 12.37
Prime Minister Orpo and European Commission President von der Leyen travelling in a helicopter.
On Friday 19 April, Prime Minister Petteri Orpo and President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen paid a visit to the Imatra border crossing point to learn more about the situation at Finland’s eastern border. From there, they headed to the Old Town Hall in Lappeenranta, where they continued the bilateral discussions they had started the day before on their flight from Brussels after the special European Council.

Government proposes more stringent provisions on migration

18.4.2024 14.15
On 18 April, the Government submitted a number of proposals related to migration to Parliament. They concern more stringent provisions on international protection, preventing evasion of provisions on entry, introducing a border procedure and reducing the reception allowance. A proposal concerning the period of residence laid down in the Citizenship Act was also submitted to Parliament.


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Government in office

On 20 June 2023, the President of the Republic appointed Prime Minister Petteri Orpo’s Government, which is Finland’s 77th government. Orpo’s Government is formed by the National Coalition Party, the Finns Party, the Swedish People's Party of Finland and the Christian Democrats in Finland.

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