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Finnish Government issues a resolution to strongly restrict entry of Russian tourists into Finland

29.9.2022 15.14

On 29 September 2022, the Finnish Government issued a resolution to significantly restrict the entry of Russian tourists into Finland. The entry restrictions will enter into force on 30 September 2022 at 00.00, and they will remain in force until further notice.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the mobilisation declared by Russia have changed the security situation in Europe. The Government deems that the Russian mobilisation and the rapidly increasing volume of tourists arriving in Finland and transiting via Finland endanger Finland’s international position and international relations.

Live recording of the press conference on 29 September (in Finnish) | YouTube

Current issues

EU energy ministers decide on measures to reduce electricity prices in winter

29.9.2022 14.52
Energy ministers from the EU Member States will convene for an extraordinary Energy Council meeting on Friday 30 September 2022. Their aim is to reach an agreement on a proposed EU regulation concerning an emergency intervention to address high energy prices and to mitigate their negative effects on consumers.

Amendments to Aliens Act would streamline extension of temporary protection for Ukrainians

27.9.2022 10.42
The Ministry of the Interior has sent out for comments a draft of a temporary amendment to the Aliens Act that would ensure the validity of residence permits issued in Finland to recipients of temporary protection for as long as the temporary protection is in effect in the EU. With the amendment, first residence permits would be issued directly for the entire period of validity of the temporary protection. Moreover, those who have already received residence permits would not need to apply for an extension separately.

Competitiveness Council to discuss EU single market emergency instrument and ecodesign

28.9.2022 9.56
The EU competitiveness ministers will meet in Brussels on 29 September 2022 to discuss internal market and industrial policy issues. The ministers will debate the resilience of the EU’s internal market and ecological design of products. Minister of Employment Tuula Haatainen will represent Finland at the meeting.

Act on legal recognition of gender to be submitted to Parliament

22.9.2022 13.59
The Government has submitted a proposal for an act on legal recognition of gender and for related acts. The legal recognition of gender would be separated from medical examinations and treatments. The current requirement of infertility would be removed from the act. The Act on Legal Recognition of the Gender of Transsexuals would be repealed. 


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The term ‘Government’ refers to the Government of Finland which consists of a prime minister and a required number of ministers. It also denotes a decision-making body consisting of the government plenary session and the ministries.

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Government in office

On 10 December 2019, the President of the Republic appointed Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s Government, which is Finland’s 76th government. Marin’s Government is formed by the Social Democratic Party, the Centre Party, the Greens, the Left Alliance and the Swedish People's Party of Finland. The Government has 19 ministers.

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