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Government adopts report on NATO membership

Government Communications DepartmentMinistry for Foreign Affairs
Publication date 15.5.2022 17.23
Press release 312/2022

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a fundamental change has taken place in the security and operating environment of Finland and Europe. On Sunday 15 May, the Government adopted the Report on Finland’s Accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The Report describes the grounds for Finland’s NATO membership. In the Report, the Government proposes that the President of the Republic of Finland decide, pursuant to section 93, paragraph 1 of the Constitution of Finland, that Finland will apply for membership in NATO after consulting with Parliament.

By joining NATO, Finland would strengthen its own security in the changed operating environment. Through NATO membership, Finland would be part of NATO's collective defence and, thus, would be covered by the security guarantees enshrined in Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty. As a member of NATO, Finland would participate in making decisions on security policy issues that are of key importance to Finland.

As a member of NATO, Finland would strengthen the defence alliance as a whole. Finland’s membership in NATO would also strengthen stability and security in the Baltic Sea region and Northern Europe.

The Constitution and legislation of Finland do not limit Finland’s ability to join a military alliance. Accession would not affect the status of the Åland Islands, which is based on international treaties, nor is this status an obstacle to accession.

Parliament will consider the Report in its plenary session on Monday 16 May. Following parliamentary consideration, the President of the Republic, on the basis of a proposal presented by the Government, can decide on Finland's aspirations to initiate accession talks.

More information:
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