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How to counter influencing through information: a handbook published

Government Communications Department 5.4.2019 15.47
Press release 190/2019

What is influencing through information all about? How can it be identified, and how should we respond? A handbook published today on 5 April 2019 gives answers to these and other questions.

Influencing through information means systematic actions designed to influence public opinion, people’s behaviour and decision-makers and, through that, the functions of society. The methods of influence include dissemination of false or misleading information, exertion of pressure, and manipulative use of information that is in itself correct. It is a question of a strategic activity aimed to mislead the targets to make self-damaging decisions or act against their own best interests.

This handbook is the Finnish language version of a guidebook originally drawn up by the Lund University for the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), which has been adapted to the Finnish society. 

A Swedish language version of the handbook now published in Finland will come out in April.

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