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Prime Minister Marin in Davos: The fight against climate change presents an opportunity

Government Communications Department 23.1.2020 15.41 | Published in English on 24.1.2020 at 14.11
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Prime Minister Sanna Marin emphasised at the World Economic Forum in Davos that the economic exploitation of the Arctic region for the production of fossil energy is short-sighted. According to the Prime Minister, the focus must instead be on combating climate change.

“Climate change is the biggest risk to humankind. Combating it presents an opportunity,” Marin said at the high-level panel discussion on 22 January.

According to Prime Minister Marin, the warming of the Arctic provides only short-term opportunities for the economic exploitation of the region, which is why combating climate change is more important.

Marin went on to say that companies also understand that the use of fossil fuels is not good business in the long term.

Prime Minister Marin emphasised the importance of the Arctic Council and the Arctic states’ commitment to its work in areas such as environmental protection and the fight against climate change. 

The discussions also focused more on climate policy more broadly. When it comes to climate policy, it is integral to ensure a fair transition.  Marin reminded us that climate policy can succeed only if the actions have the support of society as a whole.

Other participants in the panel discussion included former Vice President of the United States Al Gore.

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