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Statement by Prime Minister Sipilä related to suspected sexual offences in Oulu

Government Communications Department 11.1.2019 18.18
Press release 12/2019

We received information today that the Oulu Police Department has initiated a criminal investigation into four new suspected sexual offences against girls under the age of 15. Those suspected of these crimes are reportedly young men with a foreign background.

Already the earlier sexual crimes against minors triggered a profound feeling of disgust in me. I fully understand people’s concern and shock.   

Every person who comes here must comply with Finnish laws and respect the integrity of all persons. We will not compromise on this in any way. People who are guilty of crimes are held responsible for their actions according to the principles of the rule of law. Serious offences also have a negative effect on the decision to grant permanent residence permits. The purpose of the asylum system is to help those in distress, but it shall not protect criminals. The Government amended the law at the beginning of the year so that it is now easier to deport those who have committed aggravated offences.

The incidents are being investigated by the police and the judgment will be made by the independent judiciary.  The police are in charge of the investigation and communications related to the incidents. I have also discussed the matter with Minister of the Interior Kai Mykkänen.

Our thoughts and support go to all the young adolescents and their families who experienced these extremely inhumane and contemptible acts. Personally, I find this kind of violence and disregard for others incomprehensible.  

Juha Sipilä

Prime Minister

Juha Sipilä
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