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Legal private copying is done by every third Finn

Ministry of Education and Culture
13.1.2016 13.55
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Based on the survey, altogether 1.5 million Finns copy music, movies and TV-programs for private use. The total amount of private copying is approximately 359-422 million music and video files. In the 2014 survey the estimate of amount of private copying was 458-525 million files. Legal private copying in this survey means the copying of music and videos from original sources (original CD’s, TV-broadcasts).

When copying music the most common sources are freely downloadable files from the internet (23 %) and original CD’s (22 %). Video files are most often copied from TV (70 %). The most common devices onto which music content is copied are mobile phone and computer. Video files are most often copied onto a recordable set-top box.

The number of users of streaming services has also increased further from the year 2014. Almost 1.5 million Finns use either Spotify or some other similar streaming service. The use of internet cloud file storage services has also increased very clearly, these services are used by almost 1.8 million Finns (in 2014 there were 1.3 million users). Over 1.1 million Finns use Netfilix, HBO Nordic, Viaplay or some other monthly charged subscription VOD service.

The survey also investigated the consumer behaviour of Finns regarding music and video material. Radio is by far the most popular source of listened music. Live TV broadcasts are watched by 93% of Finns. Watching internet TV broadcasts has increased, they are watched by 66 %.Material saved on recordable set-top boxes is watched by 44 % of Finns. The consumers still use various services in a very versatile way and for the time being new services exist alongside the old ones.

The main objective of the survey was to determine the amount of private copying in Finland. Similar information was recently gathered in 2014. The survey also gives a comprehensive picture of the use of entertainment electronics by the Finnish population.

Taloustutkimus Oy has implemented the private copying survey of 2015 by commission of the Ministry of Education and Culture. The results of the survey are based on a broad sample representing the population, over 3000 Finns between the ages 15-79 were interviewed face-to-face.

• Main findings of the 2015 private copying survey

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