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Minister of the Interior Mikkonen to visit Stockholm on 31 May 

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 30.5.2022 13.25 | Published in English on 31.5.2022 at 10.56
Press release

Minister of the Interior Krista Mikkonen will visit Stockholm on 31 May and meet with her colleagues, Minister for Integration and Migration Anders Ygeman and Minister of Justice and Home Affairs Morgan Johansson. Items on the agenda include the situation in Ukraine and questions relating to the countries’ NATO membership.

“Finland and Sweden have increased their participation in NATO cooperation since Russia launched its attack on Ukraine. Access to information and participation in cooperation will change significantly as soon as Finland and Sweden become invitee countries in the membership process. It is important that we take an active role in NATO in matters that fall within the remit of our ministries and that we continue to work closely together,” Minister Mikkonen says.

On 31 May, Ministers Mikkonen and Johansson will also participate in the discussion on crisis preparedness cooperation between Finland and Sweden, organised by the Hanaholmen Cultural Centre and the Swedish Mötesplats Samhällssäkerhet.

Ministers to discuss the reception of Ukrainian refugees

Ministers Mikkonen and Ygeman will discuss the reception of Ukrainian refugees. By 23 May, 24,400 applications for asylum or temporary protection submitted by Ukrainians had been registered in Finland. In Sweden, the corresponding figure was 38,000 by 19 May.

Most Ukrainians coming to Finland arrive on ferries across internal borders, mainly from Estonia. About half of those coming to Sweden arrive on ferries directly from Poland. Approximately 40% of the applicants in both Finland and Sweden are minors.

The Ministers will also exchange views on scenario work that helps anticipate migration. Sweden is ahead of Finland in this respect, and the Swedish Migration Agency, Migrationsverket, has been carrying out such work for a long time. The Finnish Immigration Service is only just starting scenario work.

Finnish and Swedish police engage in close cooperation related to the situation in Ukraine

Ministers Mikkonen and Johansson will discuss the effects of the situation in Ukraine on the general security situation, among other things. The Finnish and Swedish police engage in close cooperation related to the situation in Ukraine in areas such as situation awareness and preparedness.

One worrying medium-term and long-term threat is the smuggling of arms from Ukraine to the territory of the EU.

The EU is currently discussing possible effects of the war in Ukraine on internal security in a number of different forums and closely monitoring phenomena such as human trafficking, hybrid and cyber threats, arms smuggling and organised crime.

Laura Yli-Vakkuri, Director General, tel. +358 295 488 250, [email protected] 
Jukka Vornanen, Special Adviser, tel. +358 40 593 67 91, [email protected] (requests for interviews with Minister Mikkonen)

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