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Restrictions on the entry of berry pickers from certain risk countries

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 27.8.2020 13.50
Press release 100/2020

On 27 August, the Government decided to amend the restrictions on border traffic so that berry pickers can no longer come to Finland from those non-EU countries from which entry into Finland has been restricted due to the coronavirus epidemic. The restrictions will enter into force on 28 August.

This change will not affect, for example, the possibility for Thai berry pickers to enter Finland, as the residents of Thailand are not subject to restrictions on entry. Other third countries whose residents can currently arrive in Finland without restrictions are: Georgia, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Tunisia and Uruguay.

However, residents of all other third countries may enter Finland only for reasons defined in the decision of the Government. Nevertheless, Finnish citizens and their families and people permanently resident in Finland can always return to Finland.

As before, berry pickers must present a certificate showing that they are coming here to work. Border guards will examine it at the border check.  The Border Guard will contact berry companies, if necessary, to verify that the persons arriving in Finland have a work assignment. 

This Government decision amends the restrictions on external border traffic of 20 August. No other changes were made. Decisions will remain in force until 18 September.


Restrictions on border traffic in Finland on the Border Guard website at
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