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Annual report on export of defence materiel 2020 published

Ministry of Defence
16.6.2021 11.27 | Published in English on 16.6.2021 at 11.40
Press release

In 2020, the Ministry of Defence granted a total of 234 licences for permanent exports and transfers of defence materiel to 55 countries. A total of 313 licences were granted, 77 of which concerned, for example, introductory, warranty and service exports. The total value of the permanent export and transfer licences granted was EUR 305 million. From a regional point of view, most licences were granted for exports to Europe, while in euros most licences were granted for the Middle East region.

The largest number of licences were granted to Norway (24), Sweden (20) and Great Britain (17). They consist mainly of components included in different product categories. In euros, most licences were granted for exports to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for EUR 139 million, Australia for EUR 29 million, and Austria for EUR 23 million. As to the exports to the UAE, the licences consist mainly of two export licences which are for components of different vehicles and valid for several decades. The largest number of licences, in euros, were granted for exports of patrol boats to Australia and for software radio systems to Austria.

The value of actual exports in 2020 was EUR 79.9 million. It fell by almost one third from 2019 and is the lowest in ten years. The three largest export countries were Austria, Sweden and the UAE. Software radio systems were the most exported product to Austria while the exports to Sweden included precision rifles, protective equipment and components in several product categories. Patrol boats were the most exported product to the UAE. Regionally speaking, most of the products were exported to the European Union.

When considering a licence application, a case-by-case overall consideration is applied, based on national legislation and international commitments binding on Finland. The Council of the European Union's Common Position on defining common rules for the control of exports of military technology and equipment (2008/944/CFSP) and the Arms Trade Treaty play a key role. Licence applications are processed in a cross-sectoral export working group where the Ministry for Foreign Affairs is responsible for the foreign and security policy assessment.

The entire annual report on the export of defence materiel in 2020 (in Finnish only) is available on the website of the Ministry of Defence. In the near future, it will also be taken to the Government's joint publication archive Valto.

Inquiries: Senior Adviser Riikka Pitkänen, tel. +358 295 140 054, and Administrative Assistant Riitta Tanttu, tel. +358 295 140 426.

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