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Evacuations continue from Afghanistan

Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Publication date 18.8.2021 19.04 | Published in English on 18.8.2021 at 19.10
Press release

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs will continue evacuation of Finnish citizens, permanent residents of Finland and those who have worked for the Finnish State in close cooperation with the Finnish Defence Forces and partner countries.

The Foreign Ministry has sent a two-person assistance team to Kabul Airport in Afghanistan. The team arrived at Kabul Airport on Tuesday night. The task of the team is to facilitate evacuation arrangements to Finland at the airport.

So far, 22 Finnish citizens have been evacuated from Afghanistan.  Today, several Finns were able to get through the gates of Kabul Airport and board international evacuation flights to various destinations.  The evacuations will continue in the coming hours and days. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs keeps in close contact with the evacuees.

The diplomatic staff of the Finnish Embassy in Kabul, who were evacuated late on Monday, arrived in Finland on Wednesday.

At the moment, we have information of almost 70 Finnish citizens or those living in Finland with a residence permit who have requested evacuation assistance from Afghanistan. Based on the decisions by the Government on 13 August and 15 August, Finland will evacuate 170 people. They are current and former employees of the embassy, employees of the EU representation and NATO, and members of their families.


Inquiries: Petra Sarias, Communications Officer, tel. +358 40 551 6571

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