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Finland celebrates 50th anniversary of OECD membership

Ministry for Foreign Affairs 14.3.2019 10.43
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The year 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of Finland's membership in the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD). Finland joined the OECD on 28 January 1969. In the course of the four decades, Finland has transformed from an agricultural country into a frontrunner in digitalisation. Through its membership, Finland has been able to measure itself against other member countries and to make use of the recommendations issued by the organisation. Furthermore, membership in the OECD has established Finland's position among other market economies.

Annastiina Heikkilä from the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle interviewing Secretary-General of the OECD Angel Gurría about Finland's 50 years as a member country in the organisation.

Today, the OECD's practices differ from the operation of many other international organisations. The OECD is a forum where developed market economies can share their experiences of the development of their economies and administrations. The importance of such cooperation increases when economies and societies are undergoing major structural changes. Examples include industrialisation 50 years ago, the shift towards service-dominated economies and the initial phase of digitalisation.

Today, the targets of interest are the next stages of digitalisation and the fourth industrial revolution. In the next few years, the OECD's significance for Finland will be bigger than it has been for a long time.

To mark the anniversary, Secretary-General of the OECD Angel Gurría visits Finland from 14 to 15 March 2019 and holds a keynote speech at an OECD seminar, held at Finlandia Hall on 15 March.  

Read more about the theme year on the OECD's pages on Finland and follow events on Twitter using #Finland50OECD.

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