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Ministry of Defence decided on procurement of jet fuel

Ministry of Defence
Publication date 29.11.2022 13.00 | Published in English on 29.11.2022 at 13.10
Press release
The Ministry of Defence authorised the Defence Forces on 25 November 2022 to order jet fuel and related services from Neste Markkinointi Oy in 2023.

The overall value of the procurement contract, without value added tax, is at most EUR 49.5 million.

Based on the partnership agreement between them, Neste Markkinointi Oy will deliver jet fuel and services related to the distribution and storage of jet fuel to the Defence Forces.

Inquiries: Ministerial Adviser Tommi Nordberg, Ministry of Defence, tel. +358 295 140 024, and Public Information Chief Juhani Kauppinen, Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command, tel. +358 299 570 125.

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