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New visa system

Ministry for Foreign Affairs 21.1.2020 14.05
Press release

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs will phase in a new visa system during February and March 2020. After its introduction, visa applications can be processed efficiently, fast and reliably.

We aim to take the new system into use smoothly and without causing any delays for our customers. It is possible, however, that during the gradual introduction of the new system, deliveries of visa decisions may take longer than usual. In urgent situations, visa applicants should contact the nearest mission.


The new visa system will be phased in as follows:

1–11 February 2020 in London and Hong Kong

By 21 February 2020 in Central Europe, Africa and the Middle East

By 28 February 2020 in Petrozavodsk, Kiev, North and South America, Australia and Asia (excl. China, India, the Philippines)

By 6 March 2020 Russia (excl. Petrozavodsk), China, India and the Philippines


We apologise for any inconvenience for you.


More information:

Katja-Marika Puittinen, Process Owner, Immigration Processes and Systems, tel. tel +358 295 350 520

and Finland’s embassies and other missions abroad


The Foreign Ministry's email addresses are in the format [email protected].

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