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President of the Republic approves Defence Cooperation Agreement between Finland and the United States

Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Publication date 5.7.2024 12.24 | Published in English on 5.7.2024 at 12.33
Press release

The President of the Republic of Finland approved the Defence Cooperation Agreement (DCA) between Finland and the United States. He also confirmed the act for acceptance and bringing into force of the agreement as well as related amendments to certain national acts.

The DCA creates an up-to-date framework for defence cooperation with the United States, which is a key strategic ally for Finland. Close and seamless cooperation between the two countries has become increasingly important due to changes in the security environment. The DCA governs the possibility of U.S. military presence in Finland in all security situations and promotes regional cooperation. It improves the conditions for the United States to support Finland and strengthens Finland’s security as a member of NATO.

The agreement will enter into force on 1 September 2024. The application of the DCA will also require supplementing implementing agreements and arrangements that have preliminarily been assessed as necessary regarding matters such as security, infrastructure and construction, entry and exit, customs, imports and taxation.


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