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YouTuber Mmiisas compiled a letter of young people’s wishes for the year 2030

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20.11.2020 15.00 | Published in English on 20.11.2020 at 15.13
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The YouTuber’s second video on sustainable development compares the thoughts of young people from near and far, and tells how Finland promotes the goals of the 2030 Agenda abroad.

Followers of Miisa’s social media channels discussed inequality and climate change, in particular.

The video’s release on 20 November coincides with Children’s Rights Day, one of the well-known milestones of UN cooperation. The Sustainable Development Goals are also a historic achievement for the world organisation: in 2015 a plan, encompassing all countries, on what kind of future we aim to achieve by the year 2030 was drawn up.

In cooperation with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, YouTuber Mmiisas — alias Miisa Rotola-Pukkila — asked the followers of her social media channels in September what their wishes for the world’s future would be. In her video released today, she talks about the answers she received. Wishes for the future presented by young people from Nepal, Ethiopia and Tanzania are also heard.

Similar wishes in Finland and around the world

Of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, emphasis was placed on reducing inequalities, climate actions and other environmental goals, and on gender equality.

“It was interesting that young people who live on the other side of the world raised very many of the same themes as my own followers in Finland,” Miisa says.

“Admittedly, the scale is different. In Finland, global warming can be seen as mild winters, while a young Nepali man wrote that they are experiencing more natural disasters, such as floods or landslides.”

Finland promotes the 2030 Agenda goals through development cooperation

The 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals aim to eradicate poverty and safeguard wellbeing in an environmentally sustainable manner. It concerns all of the world’s countries and obligates them to promote sustainable development both nationally and globally. Finland promotes the UN goals abroad especially through development cooperation.

In areas where changing weather conditions make livelihoods and agriculture increasingly more difficult, Finland supports adaptation to climate change. More than 100 countries benefit from the early warning systems supported by Finland, and 150 countries benefit from software tools that can be used to monitor the state of forests. Inequality in the position of people with disability has been reduced by many projects, such as the reform of the school system in Ethiopia, and promotion of gender equality.

“Sometimes news from abroad makes the future look uncertain in one’s own mind, but common plans like these create hope; a lot is being done about things all the time. It was also great to read letters which contained promises to work for a better future.”

Miisa released the first part of a two-part video series on 18 September.

The videos can be viewed on Mmiisa’s YouTube channel (in Finnish).

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