Finnish Government

Government Palace Government PalaceGovernment is a concept with several meanings. It may refer narrowly to the Government composed of the Prime Minister and the other ministers. It may also mean the broader organisational entity consisting of the ministries and the government plenary session format. It may at times refer only to the plenary session or to the ministers collectively. Usually it is clear from the context in which sense the term Government is used.

The current Finnish Government comprises 12 ministries. Each ministry is responsible for the preparation of matters within its mandate and for the proper functioning of administration.

The Prime Minister chairs the plenary sessions of the Government  and the statutory Ministerial Committees.
How does the Government work?  

Prime Minister's Office

The Prime Minister's Office is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Government Programme and assists the Prime Minister in the general management of government functions. The role of the ministry is to ensure that the activities of the Prime Minister and Government flow smoothly in all circumstances.

The Prime Minister’s Office coordinates Finland's EU policy and oversees the state ownership policy and ownership steering of state-owned companies. It is responsible for government communications, situation awareness, preparedness and security services and it coordinates the management of different incidents and emergencies. The coordination of the state’s sectoral research in support of decision-making is one of the ministry's most recent responsibility areas.
Prime Minister’s Office