Minister of Science and Culture Sari Multala

The National Coalition Party

Ministry of Education and Culture

Minister of Science and Culture Multala is responsible for matters covered by the Department for Higher Education and Science Policy and the Department for Art and Cultural Policy, apart from religious affairs.


Born on 5 July 1978 in Helsinki, Sari Multala now lives in Kuninkaanmäki, Vantaa, with her husband and two daughters.

Having completed her matriculation examination in 1997 at Mäkelänrinne, a general upper secondary school specialised in sports, Multala continued her studies at Helsinki School of Economics where she majored in management science, graduating in 2005 with a Master of Science in Economics. She also holds a further vocational qualification in coaching from Kuortane Olympic Training Center.

A three-time world champion in sailing, Multala served as the head coach of the Finnish national sailing team in 2013–2015. She has held many positions of trust in the field of sport, both during her sporting career and afterwards.

Multala first entered Parliament in 2015. Since then, she has served in the Education and Culture Committee, the Agriculture and Forestry Committee, the Environment Committee, the Intelligence Oversight Committee and the Legal Affairs Committee. Multala has been a member of Vantaa City Council since 2013 and chaired Vantaa City Executive since 2017.

During the government formation talks of Petteri Orpo's Government, Multala led the negotiation table entitled ‘A nation of knowledge and competence’.

Multala says during her leisure time she likes to go on sailing trips with her family, and she enjoys many kinds of physical activity, hiking and other outdoor pursuits.  

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Member of Parliament
The National Coalition Party
Date and place of birth: 5.7.1978 Helsinki
Domicile: Vantaa

Minister of Science and Culture 20.6.2023 -

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