European Council seeks growth through investments

The European Council convened in Brussels on 18 December. The main theme of the meeting was the Commission's investment plan with the aim of creating economic growth and attracting private investments.

"The investment plan is an important initiative towards a more effective use of EU funds in support of economic growth. It is essential to attract private investments in Europe as, in the current economic situation, it is not possible to use traditional ways of stimulating the economy. The investment projects must be selected on the basis of their economic profitability and effective use of funding, not on the basis of regional policy objectives," says Prime Minister Alexander Stubb.



Report: Finland lacks long-term ownership

The withdrawal of banks from ownership roles has created a power vacuum in listed companies in Finland. In addition to limited risk capital, the Finnish business sector suffers from the lack of active anchor ownership with an eye on long-term development. The problem could be alleviated by strengthening the position of managerial control and that of the owners who are actively involved in corporations. The involvement of Private Equity in business development should also be encouraged.

These are among the main conclusions put forward in the report commissioned by the Economic Council from Adjunct Professor Ulf Jakobsson and Professor Timo Korkeamäki.



Government adopted strategic research themes for 2015

On Thursday 18 December, the Government adopted the main strategic research themes and priorities for 2015. The themes include utilisation of technological transitions, changing institutions, climate neutral and resource scarce society, and equality and its promotion.

The Government makes a decision on the main themes and priorities of strategic research each year based on an initiative by the Strategic Research Council.



Minister Toivakka: Growth, jobs, competitiveness and better regulation top EU priorities

"In the European Union, it is widely agreed that top priority must be given to growth, jobs and competitiveness. This is strongly highlighted in the Commission's work programme and it is in line with Finland's EU policy priorities, too. We are pleased that the Commission is committed to Better Regulation as this is particularly important for SMEs,¿ says Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade Lenita Toivakka.

The European Commission published its work programme for 2015 on 16 December.