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Government extends measures related to emergency conditions until 13 May

Government Communications Department
Publication date 30.3.2020 20.35 | Published in English on 30.3.2020 at 21.03
Press release 197/2020
Prime Minister Sanna Marin at the press conference

Today, the Government decided to extend until 13 May 2020 the duration of the previously imposed restrictions to slow down the spread of coronavirus infections and to protect those at risk. The Government will issue new decrees on the use of powers under the Emergency Powers Act to Parliament tomorrow. A decision on the extension must be made this week so that it can be processed in Parliament in time.

The restrictions on early childhood education, teaching and education and training will be extended by one month until 13 May at different levels of education. At the same time, preparations will be made for extending the exceptional arrangements in education until the end of term, if this is deemed necessary for containing the epidemic.

Due to the epidemic, the Government also decided to swiftly begin preparing tighter limits to traffic at the national borders in the north and west, and to terminate the carriage of passengers in sea transport, with the exception of goods and freight transport.

The Government also decided to further increase sampling and testing in Finland to identify cases of coronavirus and to curb the epidemic. Healthcare and social welfare personnel must always be tested if there is even the slightest suspicion of illness.

Tomorrow, the Government will submit a decree to Parliament on the closure of restaurants, cafés and premises where alcohol is served. The purpose of the closures is to protect the population and to safeguard the functioning of society. The restrictions on opening hours are effective until 31 May 2020, but takeaway food services are permitted.

The Government also decided to strengthen the composition of the Coronavirus Coordination Group (VN COVID-19) in the Prime Minister's Office.

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