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Finnish Government nominated Jutta Urpilainen as candidate for EU Commissioner

Government Communications Department
13.6.2019 14.25 | Published in English on 13.6.2019 at 14.33
Press release 308/2019

On Thursday 13 June, the Government nominated Member of Parliament, Master of Educational Science Jutta Urpilainen as Finland’s candidate for the next European Commission, to be appointed for the term 2019–2024.

Urpilainen has been a Member of Parliament since 2003. In 2011–2014 she served as the Minister of Finance, also deputising for the Prime Minister. She has also served as Deputy Speaker of Parliament and member of the Parliamentary Supervisory Council of the Bank of Finland. She has been a deputy member of the Finnish Delegation to the Council of Europe, member of the Finnish Delegation to the Nordic Council, and chair of the Executive Board of the Finnish Group of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU). She has also served as Foreign Minister’s Special Representative on Mediation.

According to the EU Treaty, the members of the Commission shall be chosen on the ground of their general competence and European commitment from persons whose independence is beyond doubt. The members of the Commission shall perform their duties in the general interest of the Union. One Commissioner will be elected from each Member State.

The term of the present Commission will end on 31 October 2019. The appointment of the Commission for the term 2019–2024 will start by the election of the new President of the European Commission. The new President will have conversations with the Member States about their national candidates for Commissioners and decide on the policy areas they will be responsible for. The European Parliament will also hear the candidates. The Commission, as a body, will be subject to a vote of consent by the European Parliament, after which the European Council will appoint the Commission. 

Inquiries: Kare Halonen, State Secretary for EU Affairs, tel. +358 295 160 315, Prime Minister’s Office

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