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Minister Ranne: Changed security situation requires investment in digital infrastructure

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 11.4.2024 8.54 | Published in English on 11.4.2024 at 16.14
Press release
Minister of Transport and Communications Lulu Ranne (Photo: Ministry of Transport and Communications)

On 11–12 April 2024, EU telecommunications ministers will hold an informal meeting in Louvain-la-Neuve at the invitation of the Belgian Presidency. Minister of Transport and Communications Lulu Ranne will represent Finland at the meeting. 

The ministers will discuss Europe’s digital infrastructure needs.  In February 2024, the European Commission published a White Paper on the future, regulation, markets and challenges of digital infrastructure. The telecommunications sector needs to adapt to the technological changes and to the change in the security environment, which requires investments in the digital infrastructure.

“Due to the change in the security environment, not only the transport infrastructure but also the digital infrastructure needs to be developed and strengthened. Information security is an increasingly essential part of digital communications. It is important to develop submarine cables, which are of particular significance for the EU’s economic security,” says Minister Ranne.

Another topic on the meeting agenda will be the responsibility of internet users in the online environment. The aim is to adopt a non-binding declaration on promoting a safer, responsible and trustworthy online environment. The Declaration will focus in particular on protecting children and young people against harmful content online, and on using the European Digital Identity Wallet application in checking the age of children and young people.

“The use of digital services must be safe for all EU citizens and they must be provided with control over their personal data. Special attention must be paid to the protection of children and young people. By improving the safety of digital environments, we will increase their wellbeing,” Minister Ranne says.


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