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Minister Ranne: Development of EU transport system needs to take account of changed security situation

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 3.4.2024 11.25 | Published in English on 3.4.2024 at 15.30
Press release
Minister of Transport and Communications Lulu Ranne (Photo: Fanni Uusitalo/Prime Minister's Office)

EU transport ministers will hold an informal meeting in Brussels at the invitation of the Belgian Presidency on 3–4 April. Minister of Transport and Communications Lulu Ranne will represent Finland at the meeting. No decisions will be made at the informal meeting.

The key topics for Finland at the meeting are the resilience of trans-European transport network and rail transport.

“The European transport network needs to be safe, efficient and sustainable both in peacetime and in emergency conditions. The transport infrastructure must strengthen Europe’s overall security, security of supply and military mobility,” Minister Ranne says. 

The TEN-T Regulation and CEF funding have played an important role in the development of European transport networks. Finland has received CEF funding for military mobility, for example for the electrification of the Tornio-Haaparanta rail section. 

“Finland’s 1300-kilometre border with Russia is also an external border of both NATO and the EU. This eastern border is now closed, and Finland is seeking solutions to prevent instrumentalised migration orchestrated by Russia. This long-term change in the security situation will have a substantial impact on Finland’s traffic flows, and it should be taken into account in the development of the European transport system. It is essential to ensure traffic from Finland to the west, which is critical for security and security of supply, and to allocate EU funding for that purpose,” Minister Ranne says.


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