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Ministry of the Environment publishes online training on decarbonised construction – improve your competence and give feedback

Ministry of the Environment
Publication date 6.5.2024 13.01
Press release

The Ministry of the Environment publishes online training that is free and open to all on decarbonised construction and a circular economy in construction. The training is in English, and it is intended for professionals and students in the real estate and construction sectors throughout Europe.

“Low-carbon construction and the circular economy mean huge opportunities for the construction sector to reduce emissions, reuse and recycle construction materials and products in a sustainable way, and innovate new kinds of business. With this open online course, we wish to enhance the competence of experts working in the sector on ways to reduce the lifecycle emissions of buildings and, through this, to boost decarbonisation in construction. We will see a growing demand for experts in low-carbon construction in the near future,” says Maria Tiainen, Senior Specialist at the Ministry of the Environment.

The introduction to the course that gives basic information on decarbonised construction has been published on the eOppiva online platform. Those completing the section are encouraged to give feedback to the authors on the online platform. The feedback will be taken into account in preparing the subsequent sections of the training course.

The other seven sections will also be published during this year. The topics to be discussed include the assessment and guidance of decarbonisation, standards and means of a circular economy, decarbonised construction materials and procurement of a low-carbon building. The training offers comprehensive basic knowledge on decarbonised construction. As the training is intended to be used throughout Europe, it does not deal with the legislation of individual countries.

Those completing the course will learn the key concepts related to decarbonisation and a circular economy, understand the role of the construction sector and tasks of the different stakeholders in reaching the global sustainability targets, and know ways to reduce emissions, material consumption and waste.
The training is composed of videos, texts, illustrative images and charts, and assignments to be completed by the learners. It takes from one hour to one and a half hours to complete each section.

The training is implemented with funding from the Recovery and Resilience Facility RRF as part of the Low-carbon Built Environment Programme. In Finland the training is implemented by HAUS training house and Granlund Oy.


Maria Tiainen
Senior Specialist
tel. +358 295 250 394
[email protected]

(from 13 May)
Maija Stenvall
Programme Manager, Low-carbon Built Environment Programme
tel. +358 295 250 354
[email protected]