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Government resolution increases data utilisation

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 19.5.2016 14.01
Press release

The promotion of digitalisation is a central goal in the Government Programme. To support this goal, the Government has outlined in a resolution measures what will promote the use of data in business activities.

It is estimated that mass data will create for Finland a 2.1% GDP growth potential by 2020. The purpose of the resolution's measures is to enable this growth by establishing the preconditions for data-based business activities and removing unnecessary barriers to growth.

In its resolution, the Government also outlined personal data administration (My Data) measures, as the use of personal information and data produced by people themselves is of increasing importance to the economy and in society.

A vision of international data services based on Finnish expertise

The Government wishes to promote the development of markets and operating models based on data utilisation. The goal is create in Finland a smart, productive, person-centred and internationalising data business sector focused on data analysis and processing, a sector which will also attract international investors and expertise.

In order to achieve these goals, the Government has stated that Finland must, among other things, establish a more supportive regulatory framework and put in place data policy that develops expertise. In addition, Finland should develop the service infrastructure for data usage and promote the development of analysis, services, and applications.

In its decision, the Government states that organisations and individuals should have the skills needed to manage the data that relates to them in an appropriate way. As a solution, the Government puts forward person-centred data management models, which are developed through networked cooperation and experimental activities.

The resolution forms part of the Government's key project for creating a growth environment for digital business operations, and it presents 39 concrete measures through which the goals for data-based growth will be realised.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications prepared the resolution in cooperation with the key project's network. Stakeholder groups were consulted during this preparation process, and their feedback was used in finalising the measures to be implemented.

The resolutions will be implemented by a number of other bodies in addition to the Ministry of Transport and Communications, including various ministries and government offices, private sector operators, organisations, innovation funders and actors from within the research and education sector.

Further Information

Director of Data Business Unit Päivi Antikainen, tel. +358 295 34 2101, [email protected], @PaiviAntikainen

Senior Advisor Taru Rastas, tel. +358 295 34 2617, [email protected]