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Defence Forces strive for significant emission reductions and prepare for energy transition

Ministry of Defence
Publication date 30.6.2022 14.31 | Published in English on 30.6.2022 at 14.40
Press release

The Ministry of Defence has set a target for the Defence Forces to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and, in particular, halve greenhouse gas emissions from civil and maritime transport from their 2020 levels by 2030. The condition for the reductions is that the national defence capability is not compromised.

The most important means now to achieve the desired emission reductions is renewable liquid fuel, because it will not be possible to solve the capability requirements of the Defence Forces by other energy solutions in the 2030s. Electric power is a possible power source in garrisons and official vehicles. In order to determine practical measures, the Defence Forces are preparing a roadmap for reducing emissions, and in this connection, the possibilities to reduce emissions from military aviation will also be examined. The introduction of renewable forms of energy will also support the defence capability, as society aims to phase out fossil fuels.

Defence Properties Finland aims to achieve carbon neutrality in the maintenance of premises by 2030 while taking preparedness and security of supply into account.This can be achieved, for example, by increasing the share of renewable energy in purchased energy through competitive tendering.

The Defence Forces' third updated Energy and Climate Programme for 2022-2025 is available on the Defence Forces website at:

The programme describes the objectives of the Defence Forces' emission reductions, climate change adaptation and preparation for the energy transition, as well as the means and measures to achieve them.

In accordance with the Defence Policy Report, the climate objectives of the Ministry of Defence's administrative branch support the Government Programme's carbon neutrality objective without compromising the defence capability.

Inquiries: Environmental Manager Teemu Pasanen, the Defence Forces, tel. +358 299 510 442.
Head of real estate and environment unit Sara Kajander, Ministry of Defence, tel. +358 295 140 080.

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