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Finland to deliver more defence materiel to Ukraine

Ministry of Defence
Publication date 20.1.2023 9.00 | Published in English on 20.1.2023 at 9.10
Press release

Finland will deliver another package of defence materiel to Ukraine. The President of the Republic decided on the matter on 19 January 2023 on the proposal of the Government. This will be the 12th package of defence materiel to be delivered to Ukraine.

It is estimated that to replace the capabilities included in this delivery will cost more than EUR 400 million to Finland. The combined value of all defence materiel packages submitted so far is now EUR 590 million.

- Ukraine continues to need support in defending its territory and the current package of defence materiel is clearly the largest one to date. Finland supplies heavy artillery and munitions to Ukraine, says Minister of Defence Mikko Savola.

For operational reasons and to ensure that the delivery reaches its destination, more detailed information on the content of the assistance, manner of delivery or schedule will not be provided. Both Ukraine's needs and the resources of the Defence Forces have been taken into account when deciding on the additional assistance.

These matters will be on the agenda on Friday 20 January in Ramstein, Germany where the defence ministers of Finland and Sweden are to sign a Statement of Intent (SoI) on support for Ukraine.

Parts of the current Finnish defence materiel package to Ukraine is possible thanks to closer bilateral cooperation between Finland and Sweden; according to the SoI, Finland supplies defence materiel to Ukraine, and Sweden expresses its readiness to support Finland as necessary. The defence forces of Finland and Sweden will review and, if necessary, update their operational plans. 

Their defence administrations have examined the support to Ukraine with necessary defence materiel to make sure that this would not endanger the national defence of the two countries. The joint support to Ukraine is a sign of deep mutual trust and increasingly close defence cooperation between Finland and Sweden.

The Statement of Intent is not a legally binding document.

Inquiries: Miikka Pynnönen, Special Adviser to the Minister of Defence, tel. +358 295 140 117, on the defence materiel package and Janne Kuusela, Director General, tel. +358 295 140 300, on the Statement of Intent.

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