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Minister Adlercreutz and Czech Minister for European Affairs Dvořák discuss measures to ensure peace and competitiveness in Europe

Prime Minister's Office
Publication date 17.4.2024 16.16
Press release
Eurooppa- ja omistajaohjausministeri Anders Adlercreutz ja Tshekin eurooppaministeri Martin Dvořák kättelevät

Minister for European Affairs and Ownership Steering Anders Adlercreutz and Czech Minister for European Affairs Martin Dvořák met in Helsinki on Wednesday 17 April. Discussions at the meeting focused on the countries’ common will for measures to ensure sustainable European security and competitiveness over the long term.

Items on the ministers’ agenda included a wide range of topical EU issues, such as enlargement and the rule of law. The ministers also discussed measures to strengthen support for Ukraine as it defends itself against Russia’s illegal attacks.

Finland and Czechia have like-minded views on many key questions. They are united in their strong support for Ukraine, the value they place on promoting the EU’s competitiveness and a free single market, their favourable attitude towards EU enlargement and their desire to increase funding for the European defence industry. In addition, the countries share similar positions on energy issues, most importantly a positive stance on nuclear power.

In their meeting, the ministers discussed the need for internal reform in the EU so that the Union can be prepared for future enlargement. The Commission will carry out a more in-depth assessment of the need for internal reform at the beginning of 2025.

“EU enlargement should be approached from the perspective of security throughout Europe. The candidate countries’ commitments to the necessary reforms play a crucial role. Finland and the EU support the countries in this work. In the current geopolitical situation, it is particularly important that the candidate countries are committed to the EU’s foreign and security policy,” says Minister Adlercreutz. 

Minister Adlercreutz also thanked Czechia for its initiative to purchase ammunition for Ukraine. The Czech initiative involves joint procurement of ammunition with several European countries and makes use of Czechia’s connections to suppliers outside of Europe. 

“This joint procurement will bring much needed help to Ukraine, which is facing an acute ammunition shortage as it defends itself against Russia’s brutal and illegal attack. Finland has already pledged EUR 30 million for the project,” says Minister Adlercreutz.

Ministers Adlercreutz and Dvořák are colleagues on the EU General Affairs Council (GAC), which is responsible for a number of cross-cutting policy areas, including negotiations on the multiannual financial framework and EU enlargement. Questions related to the rule of law are also an established part of the GAC’s agenda.

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